CabinetSense Design: Single licence - $25.00 USD per month 

Allows you to:
  • Create your own Cabinet Libraries.
  • Work in Metric and Imperial Measure.
  • Use Faceframe and Frameless cabinets.
  • build your client models.

CabinetSense Cutlist: Single licence - $50.00 USD per month

Includes the features from CabinetSense Design and adds:
  • Cutlist Part Reporting.
  • Cutlist Sheet Optimization via built in optimizer or 3rd part (cutlist plus).
  • Bill of Material reporting.
  • Drawer box report (for purchasing drawer boxes from suppliers).
  • Millwork report (for purchasing 5-piece doors, drawer fronts, and panels from suppliers).

CabinetSense CNC: Single licence - $75.00 USD per month

Includes the features from CabinetSense Cutlist and adds:
  • CNC machining DXF Export.

  • Supports construction using:
    •  Dowels
    •  KD Fasteners
    •  Confirmat Screws
    •  screws
    •  dados
    •  blind dados
    •  lock rabbets.

  • Support for:
    • MDF Doors
    • Drawer box Machining
    • Door Hinging
    • Handle placement

  • Machining database:
    • maintains all of your machining requirements.
    • Uses Microsoft Access Database

  • Supports electronic version of paper templates.

  • and much, much more.

Additional Licences: $10.00 USD per month.

  • Additional licences are required for each additional concurrent user.  
  • You may have CabinetSense installed on as many computers as you want.  You only need extra licences if multiple people are using the software at the same time.

3-month Trial: $100.00 USD

  • Try the CabinetSense CNC version for 3 months for only $100.00 USD.
  • only one trial is allowed per company.


  • Email support is always free.
  • Updates and Upgrades are always part of the service.
  • You may start and stop the service to suit your needs.

How to Buy

  • Purchasing is done inside of Sketchup.  Click the Buy link on the CabinetSense Dashboard to see all available options.