Known Issues

  1. Web Dialogues (EG. export screen) does not retain its size and positioning on Mac OS X.

  2. Paired Left/Right hinged doors to do not open properly

    When you set the # Doors Attribute on the Door component to two, the right hinged door does not open properly when you click to open the left door.  You can open the right hinged door by itself, but clicking on the left door attempts to open both.

    The work-around to get both doors to open properly is to click on the right door and then immediately click on the left door.   Do the reverse when you wish to close both doors.  To get only the left door to open, click on the left door and then immediately on the right (the right door will open a bit and then close again).

  3. #Doors, #Drawers, and #Panels

    When you set the # to more than one (1), the Layer names are not carried forward to the replicated components. 

    Turning off the Door Layer will result in the first door being removed, but replicated doors are still visible.

    Cutlist Names for these replicated components will contain the internal field name of the component along with the copy number.